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You have Reached Rex Venator’s, State-of-the-Art, California Bail Enforcement Training School where You may become PC 1299 Compliant and Learn how to Practice cutting-edge techniques regarding the Art of Bounty Hunting for Fugitive Recovery Operations that are designed to assist and escort wayward Misdemeanor and Felony Bail Jumpers back to see their Sheriffs, Judges, and, if applicable, their Wardens for the California State Prison Final Stop.


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A Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider

CDI Approval Numbers: 172113 & 172114

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Bailspeak Leads the Way!


How to Become a Bounty Hunter - California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Agent Pre-Licensing

So, why are Bailspeak's Alumni now Sending their own New Hires to Bailspeak?


It is a Fun & Safe Learning Environment.


It is a totally Exclusive Brand of Bail Education.

Bailspeak's Brand of Bounty Hunter Training Works!


20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing

Sacramento, CA

The Most Complete Bail Education

Courses Available in California

20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing

San Diego, CA

“Rex was awesome!! Thank you for the info will be back for more!!”


“Liked the Bounty Hunting Class. Hearing Rex’s stories: they help alot with his explanations.”


“The speaker (Rex)”


“Liked all of the course.”


“Great job.”


“Very informative. Good class interaction.”


“Your experience.”


“Wanted hands on for the Bounty Hunters section.”


“The interesting material coupled with Rex’s life experience.”


“See you in future classes.”


“I feel confident that because of the information that was presented that I will be a lot more prepared if problems may arise.”


“Excellent course and teacher. Will be recommending course to friends.”


“The speaker was a visual speaker, made it easy for me to grasp the info. or he based topics we were learning w/his own story.”


“I liked the course because it was very informative and covered all aspects of the bail industry.”


“That I realized how much you have to go and study to not make mistakes and its not just something you easily get in to. Its very serious! This is good though. haha”


“very knowledgeable with bail bonds, bounty hunters and contract law.”

“The complete information. Made more clear of my bail bonds job. Very well done and I will be doing more learning.”




“The instructor and the way the materials were presented to me. Enjoyed the stories, personal experiences. Made it easier to remember the contents.”


“Fantastic speaking style!”


“I stayed awake, very important!”


“It was informative and kept my attention.”


“[Rex] is a great instructor & motiviated me to have as much knowledge as he does.”


“The building of the rapport by the instructor made the class more memorable. Real life situations that was given as examples to back the penal codes was also very helpful.”


“This class was obviously designed for the success of those in attendance.”


“I think that this class and Bailspeak are great!”


“I would like to further my education through additional classes through Bailspeak.”


“Very good instructor, he made the course dynamic and pleasant.”


“Very interesting not boring, very energetic speaker!”


“Easy going but very informative.”


“Rex was very thorough about everything. He made the class interesting.”


“I would recommend this class to anyone who was even slightly interested in this field.”


“Excellent material in preparing for my pre-licensing.”


“Instructor shares a wealth of knowledge from first-hand experience.”


“The instructor was very knowledgeable about bail.”


"The course was very helpful and it shed a little light on things I need to work on for my future; Rex, you are a very good instructor, keep up the good work."


“Teaching approach, using real examples to help give information.”

“The instructor, I like your energy to teach all how you spoke showed me that you know what your doing and have experience. I loved your examples that caught my attention.”


“Had a great time.”




“I am a visual person, so your examples & handouts really helped me stay focused.”


“You did keep your promise to answer all my questions! The monotone voice I was expecting was NOT what you have, which was a blessing. You kept me awake and interested BOTH days!”


“Speaker was a gifted speaker! Extremely knowledgeable.”


“Excellent presentation & knowledge.”


“I wish there were more classes & they lasted longer for questions.”


“I highly recommend the online classes & Modern Bounty Hunter book before taking the class. Puts you in the right mind set for the actual class.”


“I really liked how examples were used for each situation of topic. It helped me better understand especially since I didn’t know anything really.”


“It moves fast for someone like me so I would probably do another course, not a bad thing though!”


“Very informational and gave me confidence about entering the field and not going about it the wrong way.”


“Everything was helpful.”


“Very informative!”


“Close information to criminal justice topics.”


“I loved how the instructor used personal or known stories to explain most things.”


"Great class; the lecture was on point and concise. Though the class is 22 hours I was not bored; great class Rex is extremely knowledge and very motivating."


“understand more bail.”




By Bailspeak General Manager, Christine


Rex has been instrumental in the conceptualization, planning, formation and executing of ten separate Bailspeak related companies offering different types of services in and outside of the bail bonds industry. Never one to stray too far from his roots, Rex is often bounty hunting, appearing in court on bail bond motions, consulting for small business owners, teaching bail education classes, or cycling over the mountains of the California Gold Country.


You may contact Bailspeak to request Rex for your private classes, public speaking events, or, as a Bailspeak Alumni, to ask Rex technical questions about your bail bond matters.

Bailspeak Senior Registrar ~ Seminar Logistics Coordinator, Elise, is shown in the above photo with Seminar Expediter, Joey, and each of the “Ladies” are posing with the “Bailspeak Wall” behind them.


Bailspeak does not keep digital records of its Alumni with the exception initials and email addresses for those Bailspeak Alumni who opt in for the Bailspeak Newsletter; other than the newsletter, which goes out almost quarterly or if there is something to report, all records of Bailspeak Alumni are kept in old school files as is required by the California Department of Insurance for spontaneous audit purposes.


Bailspeak does not sell or share your information with private third parties, and you will never, ever be contacted to disclose that your private information has been compromised by hackers, as is the case with major retail outlets, banks, and credit card companies—not on Rex’s watch!



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Bailspeak is insurmountable in leading the way insofar that it is the only California Bail Education, DOI Approved Bail Agent Pre-Licensing School that cannot be replicated in terms of its originality, evolving course methods, and—above all else—its complete and total transparency as evidenced by the photos, videos, and verifiable Alumni testimonials that you will find on this and its sister websites in support of its absolute unparalleled and stellar bail industry reputation—bar none!