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Rex Venator is the owner and operator of a Private Investigations Firm in California.

Rex has caused nearly 1,400 Bail Bond Forfeitures to be Set Aside and ultimately exonerated, Liability Free, since 1992!  Over 148 of these court ordered exonerations came by way of Rex drafting and appearing in open court as an agent for various sureties, who have also called Rex to troubleshoot forfeiture lists for various bail bond companies. 

Rex is also the Founder and Primary Instructor of Bailspeak: Pre-Licensing & Continuing Bail Education, which is a California Department of Insurance Approved bail education provider.

You may have seen Rex speaking at Bailspeak Events, the 2007 Professional Bail Agents of the United States convention in Las Vegas, the 2007 Bail USA convention in Savannah, Georgia, or the 2008 Bail USA Convention in San Antonio, Texas.

Since Rex has been training bounty hunters on the streets since 1996, you may even know fugitive recovery agents who were trained by Rex to operate within the law as California bounty hunters.

For your convenience, the video to your right shows Rex clearing up forfeited bail bonds; moreover, please feel free to visit the "Bail School Videos" page for real bounty hunting that will enable you to make a more informed decision on who to hire for your Bail Bond Forfeiture needs.  Afterwards, you can reach Rex by calling Bailspeak.

Rex Venator's Unconventional Bounty Hunting

Rex has himself demonstrated to numerous bail bonds companies, surety corporations, and his bounty hunting trainees how he has caused 100% of the bail bond forfeitures he's undertaken to be set aside in open court since 2000. 

Rex conceptualized and put into action his "Triple Attack" theory, explained in his book "Desktop Bounty Hunter," whereby, as an agent for multiple sureties, he has simultaneously tracked bail fugitives and while negotiating bail bond motions that were designed to create new causes of actions that ultimately led to bizarre exonerations.

In point of fact, Rex's Brand of bounty hunting has been highly sought after in terms of learning the mechanical workings of his bail enforcement operations, the theories to his bail bond motions, and all of which are drawing larger and larger numbers to California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education classes that he himself created from Street Proven methodologies.

For your convenience, please see the video to your right showing a bail bond motion class that Rex created and holds as open bail education classes and Private continuing education classes for bail agents at their homes and offices.

Sacramento Bounty Hunter Bail Prelicensing School

Easy Drive From Roseville, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Rio Linda, Woodland, Marysville, and Rocklin

Please See the "20 Hour Prelicensing" Page for the Schedule Bail Classes in other Cities

Sacramento’s premier and most complete bail bonds and bounty hunting training school, Bailspeak, is directed by Sacramento’s only bail education instructor who has a verifiable and longtime history of lawfully running bail bond agencies that were, are and continue to be licensed by the California Department of Insurance; moreover, since Bailspeak’s Director is a veteran bail agent, Bailspeak’s bail bond motion continuing bail education, which is approved independently for six, twelve or eighteen hours of separate bail CE, is based on years of lawfully running a bail bonds agency, bounty hunting, and appearing in open court on moving papers that were drafted and motions won by Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor, Rex.

To date, over 1,000 people have been personally certified by Rex, and an untold number Bailspeak Alumni are now working as bail bond company owners, posting bail agents, bounty hunting team members, bounty hunting team leaders, and many more are enjoying gainful employment in the California Bail Bonds Industry as clerical staff.

Bailspeak is currently offering the following bail school classes:

  • CDI Approved, 20 Bail Agent Pre-Licensing

  • CDI Approved, Continuing Bail Education

  • Taser User Certification for Bounty Hunters

  • Advanced Bail Bond Motion Bounty Hunting

  • Bounty Hunter Street Training for Bailspeak Alumni

Bailspeak also offers:

  • Bail Bond Marketing and SEO Services

  • Bounty Hunter Marketing Online Classes

  • California Bounty Hunting Services

Bailspeak is Sacramento’s Most Trusted Name in Bail Education,

According to its hundreds upon hundreds of Alumni!

Exceeds State Requirements and is Taught by Real Licensed Bail Agents who Actually

Run Bail Bonds Agencies that are Thriving in the Bail Bond Industry!

What does it take to become a bounty hunter?  The answer to what may at first seem like a simple and direct question is multifaceted inasmuch as being cryptically elusive and consistent with asking someone, “What’s on the Internet;” indeed, the question is, in point of fact, overly broad and deserves a protracted discussion that is replete with ongoing questions and answers and scenario based for instances that create points of reference and all of which should be designed to create specificity in an incalculable set of areas common to bounty hunting.

I think the first question should be how does a new bounty hunter hunt wanted felony fugitives while, at the same time, staying out of civil court, criminal court and the morgue.

In this video, we are taken to a variety of places such as the lair of a wanted felony fugitive, numerous training environments, and short glimpses meant to provide one with an idea of what it takes to be a bounty hunter in general and in California.

One Last Thing...Just for Fun ~

This Screamin Eagle, Heavy Breather, Daymaker, Cammed Bounty Hunter HD Slim with Vance and Hines is still under development and may not look or sound the same in a week, month, year or...well, I think we can all understand.

Featured is the Innovative 2013 Harley Davidson Softail Slim from stock off the showroom floor and as it is transformed with Harley Davidson, Screamin Eagle, and Vance and Hines modifications to become a Bounty Hunter's HD Slim with Screamin Eagle SE 204 Cams and with all parts purchased from and work performed by the Fine Men and Women of the Eagle's Nest Harley Davidson located in Lathrop, California.

Special Thanks to the Management, Harley Davidson Clothing, Parts, Service, and the Wizards in the back who did it all right the first time and made sure this Bounty Hunter could take to the roads with out a care other than blasting through the air on an All American Machine that is an Icon.

And then one More Last Thing...for, well, Fun!

Profiled is a raked Harley Davidson FXRS 98 inch Stroker that has been under constant work since early June of this year by Rex Venator and the Bailspeak “Ladies.”  As you may be able to ascertain from the video clips, this Harley is an absolute joy to blast through the air.

The FXR family of Harley Davidson motorcycles has become very popular in the past years, as new HD models come online and are compared to the most venerable of FXR based designs.

This Bailspeak bike is not complete, and this video is the second wherein more of the bike is shown and specs shared.

Nevertheless, there are some out there who will know exactly what this bike will look like once finished.

Rex is the Primary Instructor for Bailspeak, which is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider offering pre-licensing classes, for those wishing to enter into the bail bonds and/or bounty hunting industries in California

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